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So yeah, I really suck at running websites right now, but this Gods Girl is shoving a Final Fantasy toy in her vagina so you can’t really beat that.  Also, speaking of Gods Girls I am giving out seven free GG memberships over the next week or two VIA Twitter, so if you want one […]



Charlotte from Gods Girls posed in the Sutra bathroom during the Gods Girls party at High Voltage party last week. When she saw the photos she said “I look like a coke whore!” My response was “Yeah you do, but in a really good way.” I really liked the way these photos came out. Very […]

Mary GG


  This is Mary from Gods Girls.  My mom is named Mary so it’s always creepy to me when hot girls are named Mary. I have hooked up with like 5 girls named Nicole, about a dozen named Jess and a weird amount of girls named Zoe, but I can only think of one Mary […]

This set of Eden Von Sleaze & Rabbit is pretty much my last set from my LA Trip. You can see more of Rabbit on Gods Girls and you can see more of Eden on both Gods Girls and Burning Angel. This set is pretty fucking funny to me somehow. Enjoy. Related items Girls Of […]



Here is a great set of a really cute girl over on Gods Girls.  I am impressed. Related items Merlot Allie GG Jayne GG Lovisa Velouria

Lee And Rosie


Here are two Gods Girls jumping around. This is very exciting for everyone I am sure.  What? What more do you want from me? I am fucking on vacation. I have a naked girl in my bed. Don’t judge me. Related items Gypsy & Viola Stoya & Skin Diamond Kortni And Superna Audrey & Supple […]



  It is good to see a real dirty set like this one of Meg on Gods Girls. Admittedly she is just hooking up with a blow up doll and not say… me… but it is still pretty hot.  I just hate to see a good banana go to waste… Related items Merlot Allie GG […]



Another mildly hardcore set from Gods Girls… I have heard some complaints, but personally I like the way they are heading.  With a few exceptions, alt-porn is sooooo tame. Related items Merlot Allie GG Jayne GG Lovisa Velouria

Eww… Gross…


Gods Girls gets a little more hardcore today with a dildo penetration set from ithinkthatshot favorite Catra.  Is boy/girl sets next?  Let us pray. Related items Good God(s Girls)! Kristin Kristin Siobhan + Vibrator = Hot Sick



  I love it when its Gods Girls day in my rotation.  Always so much to choose from.  And this might not be the best shot set or the hottest girl (not that she’s not bangin’) but this shit just looks dirty.  And I guess I am in that kinda mood. Related items Merlot Allie […]

Mika GG


Mika is naked on Gods Girls. And um… I get to watch football soon. Not sure what else I can say about that. I should probably mention that this site would be a lot easier as a Tumblr. Maybe I should go that way one day…   Related items Merlot Allie GG Jayne GG Lovisa […]

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