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At least that’s what my roomates truck stop hat says. Related items Romance Sex Romance Larkin Love & Brittany Lynn Suck Dick Veruca James Mabel

Sioux Sin


I am really sick. Updates might be slow till I get better. I have no sex drive. I don’t want to look at porn. But you still can, a new Sioux Sin gallery here. I am going back to sleep. Related items Lu Lu Stylez Ludella Hahn Nicole Baby Savannah Sly & Sean Gogo FukMe

Old School


Back in the day, I had another site, that may or may not exist now.  Anyway, I did some promotion for some old Alt sites.  Like SG way back in the day and eroticbpm when it was called Raver Porn.  When I got a new account I remembered probably my favorite alt set of all […]



I used to have a friend on Suicide Girls named Nemesis.  It was not this girl though.  I am pretty sure that she was not this hot.  I am pretty sure no one is this hot.  Seriously, this girl is ridiculous.  Too bad she is Swedish, because I would find her and make her shoot […]

Remember to vote today, especially if you live in LA county! You need to vote NO on measure B! Measure B is a sneaky law that is trying to force condoms on the porn industry but in reality it exists to drive porn out of LA with crazy permit fees and insane safety regulations. Also […]

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