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Romance Sex


There are some pretty hot photos and video of Romance on Burning Angel right now. I have been trying to shoot her since she was a Gods Girl but we keep missing each other. I actually once photographed her topless in club in Vegas with Hunter Moore and didn’t even realize it was her. Hopefully […]

Cece LaRue


Check out Cece LaRue in the Red Chair. From what I have been told it’s her first hardcore set so that is probably exciting if you are a Cece LaRue fan. I have no idea who she is but I am still excited anyway. Good times. Ps. I am in South Florida this weekend. If […]

Lillian Starr


It’s good to see a new hardcore set from The Red Chair. This is Lilian Starr and she happens to be fucking  a dude named Sir Dark Korruption which is up there with the worst porn names ever. I am sure it’s not even his porn name, it’s probably his goth DJ name or something […]

  There is a pretty amazing hardcore photo set on Burning Angel right now starring the radical Bella Vendetta. BV looks retarded hot with a dick in her mouth and thanks to her completely epic ass the sex shots are sexy as fuck too.  This shit is nothing but win. Related items Sofi VonDoom Krysta […]

Sofi VonDoom


Sofi VonDoom is quickly becoming one of my favorite Burning Angels. I mean the girl just seems like such a whore, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. She’s a total babe, has insane hair and looks like she sucks dick like she was born for it. Seems like a win-win-win to me… […]



  Meet Kayden. She is a pot smoking tattooed babe from CA. She has her own site where she does tons of hard core shit and brings a lot of her hot friends and stuff. I just got a password to the site and it looks pretty fucking awesome so far. You guys should clearly […]

On Saturday I shot a 70’s porn themed party. It was a lot of fun because I met this amazing girl that I made out with all night, but there was also a live sex show on stage and I figured you guys would like to see the pictures. I didn’t take that many because […]

Krysta Kaos


  Krysta Kaos is a brand new Burning Angel who did an anal scene for her first set. I often talk on here about what models I am really trying to shoot (for my other site) and Krysta has now been added to that list, but aside from wanting to shoot a nice set with […]



  Asphyxia is one of the hottest Burning Angels ever. I am so glad she is doing hardcore scenes now. I mean seriously, how awesome is it to watch her epic boobs bounce up and down while she is doing reverse doggy style? Let’s be reasonable, this shit is life changing. Ps. I want to […]

Sex With Skin


  Girls do not come much hotter than the Burning Angel Skin and when a girl this hot is banging dudes on camera you pretty much just gotta be thankful that porn is getting more and more acceptable. So many girls want to be porn stars these days and seeing a girl like Skin get […]

Burning Angel is always killing it, but this threesome between Sparky, Kylee and Mr. Marcus is pretty epic.  I am not really into black dudes in porn cause I want the dicks in porn to look like mine, and my dick happens to not be black. I feel the same way about foreskin and those […]

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