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This babe is named Merlot and she is a Gods Girl and you should go look at her. I mean I don’t know shit about wine but I would put her in my mouth whenever. Just saying. Related items Allie GG Jayne GG Lovisa Velouria Kory Minx

Allie GG


Here’s a significantly late 4th of July Gods Girls set from Allie GG but that’s okay because the set was shot in 2007 anyway. I am not specifically a fake boob fan but I also don’t hate on fake boobs either. My feeling is that people should do whatever the fuck they want to themselves […]

Jayne GG


I started writing a few sentences about each photo because of the new design that was going to exist at some point but it never happened so not sure why I keep spending time coming up with dumb captions for these photos. Just go look at Gods Girls to see this girl Jayne naked. The […]



There is kinda a nice nearly black and white on Gods Girls right now starring the lovely Lovisa. Normally I don’t like desaturated stuff like this but she’s a babe so I will forgive it. Also I am listening to Pinkerton by Weezer right now for the first time in years and it’s kinda making […]



Check out Velouria on Gods Girls. I mean everyone needs some nerd porn in their lives right? Big boobs + uncomfortable stare + glasses = boner. I support all of this. Then again, maybe I just have a glasses fetish. Whatever the case, I support this. Related items Merlot Allie GG Jayne GG Lovisa Kory […]

Kory Minx


Check out Kory Minx extra over on Gods Girls. I love that girl. I haven’t seen her a in a minute and that is of course a bummer. Gonna try to shoot her again next time I am in LA cause yeah, she rules. In other news, I am listening to this serious remix of […]



Vex has a new set up at Gods Girls. Shooting with nothing but a projection as lighting is kinda a good idea even if it’s way too artsy to jerk off to. Seriously though you could probably make some pretty awesome images if you projected the right thing onto someone. Once I had some photos […]

Gypsy & Viola


You should look at the new girl/girl set on Gods Girls of Gypsy & Viola. They are all curvy and fun looking and while not exactly a hardcore set it’s a pretty good one. Plus I have been updating my profile and stuff a lot more on God Girls so if you join the site […]

Mika GG


Mika is naked on Gods Girls. And um… I get to watch football soon. Not sure what else I can say about that. I should probably mention that this site would be a lot easier as a Tumblr. Maybe I should go that way one day…   Related items Merlot Allie GG Jayne GG Lovisa […]

Gods Girls posted this old set of Stoya and Skin Diamond from 2006. It’s crazy to think that these two alt chicks are two of the biggest stars in porn right now. Alt porn sure has come a long way since it was just Raver Porn and Gothic Sluts. These days you can’t swing a […]



Check out this Gods Girl Whittaker. There is something super awkward about the way she is posing that I kinda love. I am genuinely not talking shit, I am really into the way she is holding herself here. Okay that probably sounds weird but I spend way too much time taking photos of naked girls […]

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