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Easter, Etc


I don’t actually celebrate Easter but those kids over at Barely Evil always do. If Jesus partied with an Easter bunny that looked like Anastassia Bear I might have ended up religious. Eh, probably not. Related items Happy 420 Happy St. Patricks Day Happy 420 Christmas Content! Merry Christmas!

Check out this Christmas themed shoot from Gothic Sluts featuring Malice! Malice rules. I got to photograph her and Bonnie Rotten for Hustler which is awesome because they aren’t exactly fans of tattooed girls. It just shows you how awesome those babes are. Related items Happy 4th Of July And Shit Happy 420 World Goth […]

Happy 4th of July. You should go look at some 4th of July porn. Meanwhile I am in Albuquerque, NM in a Motel 8. This road trip is pretty fucking epic. There will be so many pictures soon! Related items Merry Christmas! Happy 420 Easter, Etc Happy St. Patricks Day Pirate Porn!

Happy 420


Check out this weed themed shoot over at Barely Evil. Honestly I don’t even smoke weed but I know how much people like looking at naked girls doing drugs. This is an important rule of the internet. It goes, girls, cute animals, Star Wars and then weed. But if you can add any of those […]

Look at this St. Patricks Day Porn. Personally I don’t celebrate the holiday as I don’t drink and am like 1/16th Irish and I really have no culture. I also hate bros, although I do like the color green. I have been in Austin, TX at SXSW every St. Patricks Day for the last 10 […]

Pirate Porn!


  So Blue Blood sent me a bunch of Pirate Porn galleries for Talk Like A Pirate Day which is evidentially on Saturday. But we do not have time to wait! We need to get you pirate porn NOW! Fucking awesome. Related items Easter, Etc Merry Christmas! Happy 4th Of July And Shit Happy 420 […]

Merry XXX-Mas!


It’s once again time for my yearly giant Christmas update! Nothing say Christmas like naked tattooed girls wearing Santa hats and shoving sticky candy canes in their vaginas.  You know, that is probably really unsanitary. You girls should probably just stick to cock mostly… just sayin’… Happy Holidays everyone! Related items Halloween Round Up! Merry […]

Jennique Addams


  Hey. I haven’t checked out Gothic Sluts in a while, but this girl is cute, has giant boobs and… well fuck it.  She is cute and has giant boobs. Perfect.  Plus if you click right here there is a free gallery. Even more perfect.  I hope we see more of her soon. I am […]

It’s that time of year again! The Halloween Alt Girl round up! Click each picture to see more Halloweeny naked chicks doing all sorts of weird stuff to pumpkins and candy corn and lots and lots of fake blood. It is god damned out of control and you don’t want to miss a minute of […]

Happy 420


I don’t actually smoke weed, but it is quite apparent that the people over at Barely Evil do… And who can blame them when they have girls like this bringing them their drugs?  I am actually photographing the High Times party tonight… should be a weird scene.  Let’s just hope I don’t have to get […]

It is that time of year again!  Christmas content from everyone!!  Remember how much fun last year was? Related items Halloween Round Up! Happy Halloween Alt Porn XXX-Mas… Merry XXX-Mas! Merry XXX-Mas

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