River Stark


River Stark

Go look at these public nude shots of River Stark in Brooklyn. She’s pretty much brand new to nude modeling although she has worked with a couple photographers I love.

By the way, yes I realize my last three updates have just been plugs for my own work… in related news buy my app!

Moni Love





Go look at the photos I posted of my friend Courtney baking some weed fueled Chex Mix. Okay, technically she isn’t baking but she normally bakes and the Chex Mix was pretty delicious so deal with it.

Dana DeArmond


Dana DeArmond

I shot Dana DeArmond again! This time it was for the June 2014 issue of Hustler Magazine.

These photos are so good, and there are so many spread vagina shots that I created a discount code, good until Wednesday, for the Girls Of DBB app so you can see the full set! Use code “dana” for 20% off the app! High res pics too!

Amanda White, Penny Wren & Marlo Marquise

First of all go to Stagg Street. I have no idea why I forgot about Ellen’s site but I haven’t been plugging it in ages. That’s stupid.

Secondly, I want to shoot all three of these babes. I haven’t shot Marlo in ages, I haven’t shot Amanda in like 6 years and once I took topless photos of Penny in a nightclub and she asked me not to post them. Clearly she is cooler with her boobs being on the internets now.



Naked Juggalettes

I posted every day for a week and then I went out of town and abandoned you guys again. Sorry but I am about to do it again… I am headed back to the Gathering of the Juggalos again and I will be out of the loop for about a week. Fortunately before I escape I will leave you guys with a bunch of unpublished naked juggalettes from last year. Enjoy!

Phoenix Marie


Phoenix Marie Juliland

So I went a week posting every day! High fives all around. To end big boob week check out Phoenix Marie on Juliand. Is it weird that I am distracted from her boobs by those gun heels? I am not even a shoe guy but those things are pretty epic.

See you guys next week… I hope!



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